5 Reasons Gymnastic Rings Are the Ultimate Muscle Builders

Tony Singh
2 min readJul 14, 2022


Gymnastics rings will get you jacked!

5 Reasons Gymnastic Rings Are the Ultimate Home Gym Equipment
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Gymnastics rings will give you the ripped physique of elite-level gymnasts.

If you’re a male you’ll get bulging biceps, shark finned triceps, capped shoulders, a wide back and a slim waist. If you’re a female you’ll develop a toned and strong upper body.

Gymnastics rings are the best piece of equipment that you can get. Bar none!

Tall claim you say? Let me show you why.


Gymnastics rings are quite cheap when compared to other gym equipment. You don’t need anything other than your own body weight and gravity (hope you’re not reading this on ISS).

Gymnastics rings are generally of two types — wooden or plastic. Wooden rings are better (in my opinion) as they absorb moisture while working out. They also provide a better grip than plastic ones. Although the plastic ones are a bit cheaper. Try them out and see which ones you prefer.


Gymnastics rings easily fit in your suitcase and you can easily carry them along.

They are also lightweight and won’t add to your baggage. Most of the space is taken up by the rings. The straps can be rolled up and fit practically anywhere.

You can also hang them from a sturdy beam, a swing or a tree branch. The possibilities are limitless!

Finally! You are free from the clutches of your gym.


You can use gymnastics rings can to perform a variety of exercises.

Pull-ups, dips, push-ups, chest flys and a whole lot more. You can adapt them to your level of strength and skill.

Are you a beginner? Do regular pull-ups, dips and ring pushups.

Advanced? Do muscle-ups, weighted pull-ups and dips.

Again, the utility of rings is only limited by your imagination.


Rings add an extra element of instability to each exercise.

Unlike a regular pull-up bar, rings are not fixed. They are free to move in space — up, down and sideways.

This leads you to exert extra control over the rings. You will work muscles which you didn’t know existed. The instability of the rings will lead to more muscle contraction and tension which will lead to more hypertrophy.

Easy on Joints

Rings will make your joints bulletproof.

Rings provide more room for joint movement than any other equipment. The added instability will make sure that you don’t load up too heavy too fast.

Because every exercise is more difficult, it will give time for your joints to catch up to your muscles. The instability will force your body to recruit those stabiliser muscles and tendons.

The Ultimate Fitness Equipment

Gymnastics rings are the ultimate fitness equipment. They are cheap, portable, versatile, unstable and easy on your joints.

What more can you ask for?



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